Essential Travel Tips

The count-down to a luxury trip can be as exciting as the holiday itself.  Before you get too caught up in all the excitement, here are some essential tips to help occupy you while you’re waiting for the day to arrive!

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Travel Tip #1:

Expect the Unexpected

Be flexible, plan for delays and try to have patience if things go wrong.  Remember it’s your vacation and precious time-off, so try to relax and go with the flow!  Also, make a list, it gives you a little bit of control and can pre-prepare in the event of things going wrong or prevent any mishaps.


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Travel Tip #2:

Arrive to the Airport Early

I know it seems an obvious one but take it from me (as someone who’s missed more than one flight) it’s extremely stressful to miss a flight, especially if it has a domino effect on connecting flights.  Allow extra time to get to the airport and during peak season then allow even more.  Get there super early, sit back relax and start your holiday the right way!

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Travel Tip #3

Photocopy Important Documents

Always have a copy of your documents, if you scan and email them to yourself then you’ll always access them.  Travelling can be unpredictable and you may never need to retrieve the documents but you can never be too prepared!


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Travel Tip #4

Bring Essential Items as carry-on

You should always pack a few essential items in your carry-on bag, in the event of luggage getting lost you’ll be very grateful you took the time to do it.  Essential items can vary depending on what you hold dear!  Pack electronics, chargers, toothbrush, change of footwear, (change of underwear?!) or anything that will save you spending more money while waiting to be reunited with your beloved luggage.


Tour Operators IndiaTravel Tip #5

Keep in Contact

Whether you’re a lone traveller, in a couple or with a group, check-in with someone at home.  Always let someone know your whereabouts and what your plans are.  There are so many scary things happening in our beautiful world it would be so worrying for those at home if a natural disaster (for example) occurred in the area you’re travelling.  A quick text or a check-in on Social Media will put everyone at ease.  Facebook now have a check-in system in the event of a natural disaster, you can click a button to let everyone who follows you know that you’re safe.

Now that you have your Essential Travelling Tips you can be confident that you are prepared for every scenario.  Let the countdown begin!






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