Around The World In 5 Breakfasts

It’s #NationalHotBreakfastMonth so whether you are a croissant fan or a full english fanatic, February is the time to enjoy something warm on the wintery mornings. In our travels the Kerala Moments team have encountered many weird and wonderful breakfasts from across the world, from morning curries to soft-boiled egg shots, so we know a thing or two about the importance of a hot breakfast in the morning. If you are off on one of our action packed tours then a good breakfast is essential to make sure you have energy for the day.

Our Kent Offices: Breakfast In Maidstone

Travel Agencies Maidstone
Why do the French only eat one egg for breakfast? Because one is enoeuf.

We are lucky that our Maidstone Offices are slap bang in the middle of the town centre so we have endless options if we want something a little special for breakfast. One of our favourite cafes for breakfast in Maidstone is just up the road; Cafe Frederic. This lovely French bistro is a great place to grab a continental breakfast on those days when cereal and toast just isn’t enough.

Kerala Breakfast: Vattayapayam Steamed Rice Cake

Independent travel agency kent
Well doesn’t that look rice!

Meaning “round cake” or “bread”, “vattayappam”, a traditional Keralan Christian recipe, is a soft and fluffy cake which is quite different from our western idea of the dish. It is often made for breakfast but also makes an appearance at tea and as a light snack. The main ingredients  are rice and coconut, which are ground up with yeast and cardamom to give this cake its classic taste. In some parts of India this becomes a savory cake with the addition of shallots and cumin but we think cake for breakfast plays havoc with your tastebuds quite enough! This cake is rather difficult to make without a traditional steamer so you really should try this one in its country of origin.

Nepal Breakfast: Sel Roti

Family Holidays to Asia
Mushrooms may be the breakfast of champignons and fungis but we think these look a little yummier!

Sel Roti may look like something between an onion ring and a doughnut but it’s actually a Nepali breakfast food. This homemade delicacy is a sweet rice bread that is usually eaten during the Hindu festivals of Dashain and Tihar. Although Sel Roti may look like a doughnut it is technically a bread. These toasted treats are mainly made of rice flour, sugar, oil and ghee and for a super breakfast-y twist sometimes banana and coconut make their way into the mix. Sel roti can also be used as a side dish and dipped in fresh yoghurt, pickles, Nepali radishes or fried vegetables. This is one breakfast that embodies the spirit of #NationalHotBreakfastMonth; Sel Roti taste at their best when fresh and warm, if you leave them to get cold they get tougher and chewier.

Sri Lanka breakfast: Buffalo Curd

Holiday in Sri lanka
If you curd go anywhere for breakfast where would you choose?

Buffalo curd is a Sri Lankan specialty and it is sold throughout the country in iconic disposable pottery containers. This is a thick, yoghurt-like food that is made from milk from the water buffalo, however, it is rarely eaten completely plain. As you can see in the image above, the curd is mixed with a syrupy treacle which is made from the sap of the kithul palm. This looks like a custardy dessert but there is a rather unusual savory aftertaste that keeps it interesting.

Thailand breakfast: Khao Neow Dam Sang Kaya

Thailand Holidays
Khao neow dam sang kaya – we want it neow!

This breakfast treat is served on a banana leaf and is made of black sticky rice and each grain of rice is soaked in syrup. For added extravagance in the morning this rice is topped with a slice of custard. As a final garnish the morsel is topped with a splash of coconut cream and the banana leaf is then folded over the rice in a small parcel. This is probably the cutest breakfast from around the world!

Are you dying to try these breakfasts in the proper surroundings? Dreaming of Bangkok or Kathmandu? Get inspired by our bespoke tours: tours designed with you in mind.


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