5 Things To Do In Thailand

It’s coming round to that time of year when everybody starts thinking about New Years resolutions and it’s also the time of year when everybody starts thinking about where they will go on holiday in 2017. We say you should combine the two and make some travel resolutions! The question is what will you pledge…

A Sweeter Christmas in Kerala

So we have reached the fourth and final installment in our Keralan Christmas series and it’s time for a little treat! Across the Indian subcontinent whenever any festival gets underway sweet treats are found everywhere. Usually packed with coconut, fragrant spices and dripping in syrup, the Keralans certainly know how to do dessert. At christmas time, although…

10 Amazing Facts About Sri Lanka

We’ve collected our 10 favourite facts about Sri Lanka because we just can’t get enough of the wonderfully diverse Lanka culture!

Holidays are coming . . .

Aromatic spices and comforting slabs of cake are the order of the day and they make the perfect accompaniment to boisterous carols and homemade wine. If you are craving something different next Christmas why not consider Kerala for a festive holiday destination?

Ten Reasons You Should Travel – NOW!

So why should you travel? The question is really “why not?”. But if you need a little more convincing to start your adventure across South Asia then let us give you 10 reasons we think you should explore the world . . .

From Kerala To Kent: Christmas On Our Doorstep

Our office is thoroughly bedecked in every kind of bauble and garland imaginable and the christmas tree is standing proud in reception – December is finally here! The lights were switched on in Maidstone town centre on the 17th of November and since then the twinkling light of the christmas stars has brightened Fremlin Walk Shopping Centre each night at sundown. However, the merriment in Maidstone does not end with the decorations.

Say Yes to Kerala: Say No To A Bleak Midwinter

Kerala takes the christmas traditions of the west and shakes them up in characteristic local style. If you want to wander along India’s stunning coastline after a carol service rather than stuffing yourself with mince pies and huddling up to the radiator then Kerala is the place to be this Christmas!

What Is Tiffin?

In the early days of the British Empire, when delegates and bureaucrats from the UK began to flood the Indian subcontinent, afternoon tea was a ubiquitous daily event. However, when the pale and pasty brits more used to clouds and drizzle than tropical sunshine arrived in India they soon came to the conclusion that they would have to alter the way they ate to bear the hot,sticky and humid days. Thus, rather than stuffing themselves at a luncheon feast the expats began to replace afternoon tea, a ritual at the hottest part of the day, with a lighter lunch. This was in emulation of the local people who stopped for work each day for a similar small meal to keep them going through the intense heat.

Indian Rupee Ban

The government in India made the decision to ban 500 and 1,000 Rupee banknotes. For anyone considering booking a trip of a lifetime to India (or have already booked) here’s a few facts concerning the ‘cash clean-up move’. In general, the withdrawal of existing 500 and 1,000 Rupee banknotes will not have an effect on tourists.   Our…

The 6 Best Beaches In Kerala

“In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.”      Rachel Carson The story the beaches of Kerala tell is one of beauty and eternal calm. Each grain of sand on the Kerala Coast speaks of the paradise of “God’s own country”, speaks…